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    Rich Austin
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    Bob McHugh
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    Rich Austin has been a drummer, percussionist, composer, and vocalist on the New York, New Jersey music scene since 1978. He's played in countless groups of varying size, style and configuration from big bands and symphonic orchestras to smaller ensembles featuring Jazz, Latin, Rock, R+B, and even Country. In 1985, he began a long creative association with pianist-composer Bob McHugh that continues to this day. In 1992, Mr. Austin released the CD "Smoke Signals" on Alliance Records, his debut album as leader, and in 1994 performed on and co-produced Bob McHugh's CD "Manhattan Sunrise", also on Alliance, which featured latin percussionist Ray Mantilla. Others he has performed with include pianists Alan Farnham and Bob Sardo, bassist Lisle Atkinson, trumpeter Vinnie Cutro, and vocalists Michelle Bautier and Arlene Carole. Currently, Rich is touring in support of his September 2004 release "Right At Home" on the Lunge Music label.

    Right at Home - Michael P. Gladstone, January 2005
    Right at Home - Lee Prosser, October 2004


    Rich Austin
    Right at Home
    Bob McHugh - Ray Mantilla
    Manhattan Sunrise

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