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    Artist Profiles
    Rich Austin
    David Humm
    Bob McHugh
    Ron Naspo

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    David Humm was born in England, and began playing drums in Jazz and dance bands in London. Upon relocating to the United States, he studied with master drummer Joe Morello. Over the past few years he has been working with bassist, Ron Naspo, and pianist, Bob McHugh in concerts and jazz venues. His trio has been performing at Shanghai Jazz in Madison, NJ and Verve in Somerville, NJ.

    You and the Night and the Music - Lee pRosser, June 2006
    "The David Humm Trio You and the Night and Music Lunge Music New Jersey based jazz master, David Humm, drums; Bob McHugh, piano; and the always astonishing Ron Naspo, bass, run through a program of mainstream and post-bop masterpieces, encompassing the likes of John Coltrane to Rodgers and Hammersteion to Thelonius Monk, all performed with controlled passion, insight and elegant musicality. This is delicious."


    David Humm
    You and the Night
    and the Music

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