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Bob McHugh has been playing jazz clubs, festivals, halls private parties, and restaurants in the NY metro area, for over thirty years. Be it solo, duo, trio, or big band Bob has done it. His styles include, but are not limited to, jazz, classical, rock, and fusion. Bob's music can be heard on jazz and college radio through out the world. He has numerous amounts of sheet music published. And his recordings are distributed nationally and internationally. Some of Bob's more recent recordings featuring artists such as: the great percussionist Ray Mantilla, Raul Paonessa, Rich Austin, Ron Naspo, Jackie Jones, Kevin McCarthy and more, are listed below.

New  Summer Stride - Jazz Review, 2009
New  On Track - Lee Prosser, July 2005
New  After Midnight - Richard Bourcier, June 2005
New  Soaring On Wings Of Ivory And Black - Richard Bourcier, June 2005

Another Sunrise - Lee Prosser, March 2003
American Classics - Lee Prosser, January 2003
Interplay - Lee Prosser, January 2003
Manhattan Sunrise - Lee Prosser, January 2003
Soaring On Wings Of Ivory And Black - Lee Prosser, December 2002
After Midnight - Lee Prosser, December 2002
After Midnight - Dave Nathan, October 14, 2002
Soaring on Wings of Ivory and Black - August 1, 2002
Manhattan Sunrise - Stephen Koch, April 12, 2002


Bob McHugh
On Track

Bob McHugh
After Midnight

Bob McHugh
Another Sunrise

Bob McHugh
American Classics

Bob McHugh

Bob McHugh - Ray Mantilla
Manhattan Sunrise

Bob McHugh Piano Sheet Music at,
Voice of the Rockies and Manduca Music
Check out more Bob McHugh Recordings at Outstanding Records

Bob McHugh and Ron Naspo with Max Weinberg of Conan O'Brian and The E-Street Band - Feb 2004
Bob McHugh Trio at the Williams Center
Early 90's

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