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    Ali Baba Nights
    Medoosa was formed in the early 1970's. Two of the band members were from Greece, drummer George Mihailidis and bassist Takis Spitambelis. The other two members of the band, Bob McHugh on keyboards and guitarist Mike Janetakis guitar were Americans from the New York area. The group began to experiment mixing Greek rhythms with jazz and rock improvisations, something that had not been done at that time. Medoosa became the house band at the famous Ali Baba East on First Ave. in Manhattan, and this led to opening for jazz greats Chet Baker and Art Blakey and performing at Lincoln Center and The Greek Art Center. This recording was done at Jimi Hendrix's world renownd Electric Lady Studio in Greenwich Village,N.Y.C. in 1973/74. The album was signed by Perception Records in the 1970's but was never realeased. So in 2007 Lunge Music is proud to present "Ali Baba Nights" by the original Medoosa.

    Medoosa Renunion CD
    This CD is able to play on a person's emotions at a certain time without actually putting words into it. This CD shows just how powerful musical instruments can be. Personal: Bob McHugh, George Mihailidis, John Miksza, Antonis Triantofillou

    Ali Baba Nights - Lee Proser, November 2007


    Ali Baba Nights

    Dream Street

    Medoosa - Early 70's

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